Disinfecting America With W.E.E.D

A global health pandemic, a push for national reformation of the policing system, and the disastrous humanitarian crisis of war-torn countries. Did someone say 2020?

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It’s a lot to mentally digest and you might actually hurt yourself by trying to wrap your head around it all, so here’s a piece of advice–don’t. Pat yourself on the back for being concerned in the first place and having enough empathy to want to do something about it. Here’s a basic outline of what you can do to combat those concerns and (believe it or not) it starts by doing W.E.E.D.

Wear a mask. Educate yourself. End social injustices. Donate.

1.) Wear a mask

Seriously, say it don’t spray it. The “Rona- coaster” is a ride we have no choice but to get on and are going to be occupying for the foreseeable future as states commence phases of re-opening with the possibility of closing again in sight. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but just because it’s sunny outside doesn’t mean the virus magically disappeared. Wear your mask, sanitize often (although soap and water is best) and keep your distance like you’re at a middle school dance with teacher-chaperones.

Pandemic Pro Tip: Use some type of natural or diluted disinfectant to wipe down groceries and anything you pick up from the store before putting it away. You don’t know whose hands were on those box of Cheez-Its, and you don’t need those germs to be part of your late-night snack.

2.) Educate Yourself.

Listen and learn. Ignorance is half of the problem when we don’t try to understand the world around us. Check out Netflix’s newly released BLM collection if that gives you a place to start. Now is the time to put our pride away and find out where we’ve been lacking in support and get in on the action.

3.) End Social Injustices

Systematic racism is real. Support the BLM movement. Sign petitions. Contribute to the Equal Justice Initiative and Campaign Zero. People won’t stop tweeting and posting so it’s ultimately up to you to control where your surge of information is coming. It’s not about doing everything, but doing something is always better than doing nothing.

4.) Donate

The Yemen Crisis is currently the world’s most devastating humanitarian crisis. Millions are in need of better health and safety and change doesn’t happen when you turn a blind eye. Rescue.org, Concern US Worldwide and UNICEF are just a few of the organizations that highlight countries suffering through severely low living situations and offer ways on how you can help.

Of course, it’s all easier said than done. I really wish I had all the answers, and for a second we were hoping Dr. Fauci had them too. As humans, we’ve survived for generations by learning how to adapt to our current situations and I don’t think we have much of a choice than to act now. So in other words–it’s showtime.

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