Justice for those who lost their lives to  police brutality shouldn’t come solely as a response to protests but it does. It should’ve been there from the start. Painted roads and changed street names is glorified symbolism to silence real change. The game is rigged and the justice system will continue to fail if we let it. 

We have all witnessed what our voices can do. Leadership alone doesn’t make the change; it truly comes from the people. It took worldwide protests to put a no choke hold law in place. What kind of sick system needed a law to ban that or else it was considered acceptable?

Choke holds shouldn’t have required a debate in Congress. Instead, debate officer accountability and their psychological state after arrests before letting them back on the job. We need to make more noise if we want real change. 

Photo credits: https://www.ssimpson.co/k7rn5zmfsoeovzodh9rk1xls3hkf1v

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