How many things did Trump manage to screw up during the last four years as president? I’d count, but who has that much time on their hands? Despite his failure to handle a global health crisis or appropriately support and address the BLM movement in any way shape or form, the idiocy continues. 

Fully knowing that most Americans would avoid in-person voting to minimize their chances of getting COVID-19, Trump attacks the United States Postal Service seeing that they don’t receive the funding they need to process mail-in ballots. If that doesn’t define corruption and sabotage in a democracy, I don’t know what does. 

I’ve heard the argument from his supporters that rules enforcing masks and virtual learning is “government control,” but please tell me what is actually MORE controlling and manipulative other than Trump fully abusing his power to make sure that American citizens (aka YOU) don’t get to exercise their constitutional right to vote? That’s what I thought.

Trump rather have American people die trying to vote him out than risk minimizing his chances for re-election. This is a diabolical act out of fear as he resorts to cheating his way to power to serve no one other than himself. 

Wake up and smell the stench of the most corrupt leader to ever hold the title of the president of the United States.

[Trump] cannot meet this moment. He simply cannot be who we need him to be for us.

– Michelle Obama

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