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Spread good vibes not germs

Here at Talk Bacc we’re constantly learning new perspectives and challenging norms, and doing it all with a crazy amount of kindness. Let’s figure out life together and build an incredible community that’s inclusive to everyone. On the show we’re going to talk about all things cool (of course), but most importantly talk BACC to stereotypes and judgements that we’ve all faced one time or another.

What Are Boundaries and Why Don't I Have Any? Talk Bacc

Dang I'm really putting myself on blast (yet again) with this one, but ONLY in high hopes that it resonates with you guys in some way. Navigating your 20s is such a crazy experience  on top of everything the world has been going through over the last few years. You really do only live each chapter of your life once, so being aware enough to notice what feeds your soul versus what drains you is critical to living a more fulfilling life moving forward. So the title of this episode is only fitting.  Hope you guys like this one and if you do REACH OUT AND LET ME KNOW!!!All Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccMain Link: Sick Intro/Outro music by Dono: @dono.h
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