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Spread good vibes not germs

Here at Talk Bacc we’re constantly learning new perspectives and challenging norms, and doing it all with a crazy amount of kindness. Let’s figure out life together and build an incredible community that’s inclusive to everyone. On the show we’re going to talk about all things cool (of course), but most importantly talk BACC to stereotypes and judgements that we’ve all faced one time or another.

Trusting Your Entrepreneurial Process w/ Jeff Lopes Talk Bacc

MISSED ME???? Talk Bacc took some time to recalibrate but we are BACK and bringing the heat with serial entrepreneur Jeff Lopes! Jeff is guiding us to a hustle mindset that won't cause burnout and will teach you about trusting your gut and YOUR process. It's your world, and everybody else is just living in it.*cue main character energy*All Things JeffInstagram: @jefflopesWebsite: / Link Tree: Knows Inc Podcast: Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccTwitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
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