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Tis The Comeback Season Talk Bacc

Let&apos;s hear it for the one episode release for the year! lol love that for me. The one episode of 2022 is dedicated to how I pulled myself out of extremely LOWWW lows and what the path to healing really looks like. It&apos;s so hard to get ourself out of a rut but I promise as long as you have LIFE and are living and breathing it&apos;s possible! <3I hope this helps you in some way and if it did let me know by sending me a DM on Insta @ talkbacc !! All Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccMain Link: https://linktr.ee/talkbaccSick Intro/Outro music by Dono! Check out his stuff and give him a follow! : @dono.h on IG
  1. Tis The Comeback Season
  2. Lights, Camera, Trailblaze (A Career In The Entertainment Industry) w/ Sade Spence
  3. Burnouts Are For Tires Not Life
  4. Blind Ambition w/ Aaron Golub
  5. Trusting Your Entrepreneurial Process w/ Jeff Lopes