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Is it a Journal or a Burn Book? Talk Bacc

Please note that "burn book" in this episode is referred to as something you should get rid of after writing in it. So you could even have a burn sticky note. The fact is that you dispose of the thing you wrote on! For the pure reason that you deserve to move on from hard experiences and get rid of things in your life that remind you of tough times you don't want to remember. We love being self aware here.  Much love, NasAll Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccMain Link: https://linktr.ee/talkbacc 
  1. Is it a Journal or a Burn Book?
  2. Starting Over (yet again lol)
  3. Tis The Comeback Season
  4. Lights, Camera, Trailblaze (A Career In The Entertainment Industry) w/ Sade Spence
  5. Burnouts Are For Tires Not Life