What Is Casual Instagram?

I saw this concept of “Casual Instagram” floating around Tik Tok the other day and it’s fascinating to say the least. There’s a lot riding on what makes a good post these days from text content, images, video, audience demographic and the list is endless.

Casual Instagram is just a new vibe, and dare I say–aesthetic all together.

Post an IG carousel of the almond butter jar in your pantry, the rain on your car window, you brushing your teeth and your bedside lamp and you’ve been initiated into the world of ~casual instagram~

Sounds easy enough, but I’m sure you can find plenty of arguments about the number of right and wrong ways there are to post like that. Here’s the thing–you’re already completely free to post literally whatever you like to on the web, but this new aesthetic just gives some sort of unwritten permission for you to post content that’s either more carefully curated or chill and relatable.

You can’t get (that much) heat for doing something that’s at least somewhat trendy…

People like having options and this type of content gives you that. Yes, it’s very different from the ring lights and planned outfits, but if you were looking for an excuse to switch up your feed, here it is.

Get In (Then Out) Of Your Feelings

In hindsight I think it’s fair to say that 2020 has been nothing less than an actual “Rona-coaster” of emotions. There’s been so much that happened externally in the world, but all of that affects us internally; that’s exactly why I made this episode specifically.

Alright, I’m going to give you guys 4 STEPS to help you process your emotions…

*Cue awesome transition beat if you’re listening to the episode available to stream NOW*

STEP #1: Notice what your body is telling you.

This is everything you’re feeling physically. Are you sweating a little bit, is your stomach churning, do you have butterflies? (THAT’S A THING OKAY) Are you feeling any kind of chest tightness, is your heart skipping a beat and not in the good way because I know you know what that feels like.

These are all signs that you’re body is a little stressed out and if we don’t LISTEN to them and actually understand that we’re feeling this way, this could easily lead to exhaustion and burnout and before you know it you’re on bed-rest in a hospital and the only thing the doc can tell you is that you’re stressed out. Now you can put two-and-two together before getting a hospital bill for it.

The stress can even start attacking your body physically when you have all these built up unprocessed emotions; it’ll go to your organs your muscles, your body systems and really start eating away at you and it’s honestly PRETTY SCARY, but that’s why we need to start with these practices now and listen to our bodies when they are screaming and yelling at us.

STEP #2: Identify what you’re feeling.

Don’t just say you’re “sad” or “mad” because that’s only going to get you so far. Use some bigger vocab (because you’re a big kid now) and ask yourself if you’re HURT, ANGRY, JEALOUS, FURIOUS. BETRAYED. These bigger words carry deeper meaning with them and this allows you to start linking the trigger as to how you even got to that feeling in the first place.

Ex: “I feel betrayed.”

Then ask yourself: Who hurt me? Where was I when this happened? When did I start feeling this way? etc.

Before you know it, you have all these extra puzzle pieces that you didn’t have before to help you figure out where your feelings stem from. During this process it is SO important that you DO NOT judge yourself for what you’re feeling even if it’s an ugly emotion! I get that no on wants to say they feel jealous, but you have to be vulnerable and honest with yourself in order to effectively process and think through your emotions.

STEP #3: Accept what you’re feeling.

FULLY OWN IT. Denial is NOT part of this 4-step process. So if you’re going to deny your feelings, you need to start back at Step #1. When you deny your feelings they’re just going to bottle up inside of you and the last thing you want is that you start projecting your feelings on to other people, and not even random people but the people who you LOVE and care about! This is entirely a self-awareness game. Processing your emotions falls under the umbrella of self care. You can’t expect to take care of other people at the level that you want to if you’re not taking care of yourself mentally; there has to be balance. Only then when you realize you’re in a state of mind that you DON’T want to be in, you can start progressing toward a state of mind that you do want to be in.

(last but CERTAINLY not least)

STEP #4: Act to make the situation more peaceful for yourself.

This can be a completely different mental and/or physical state change. In terms of a mental state change; maybe it’s the best time to establish a mindful practice. Write your feelings down. LOOK. I don’t mean grab a pretty pink unicorn diary (which is cool too though) but literally grab a STICKY NOTE and a pen or the mechanical pencil you used in 7th grade and write down exactly what you’re feeling. Get it out from your head and bring all your thoughts into the physical world. This is for you to see, look at and really understand.

If you want to chalk on the sidewalk with a million colors GO DO THAT. If you want to carve it into a TREE that’s even better. I just want you to find a way to get it OUT from just YOUR HEAD. During this time, you are giving yourself permission to feel. If crying to a Taylor Swift album is going to help you feel them and/or watching The Notebook, then that’s EXACTLY what you need to do.

The key to all of this is that once you get out of those heightened emotions, you’re able to think more clearly and you’ll have a lot better judgement.

Hope this post serves you well and check out more from Talk Bacc and yours truly on the gram.


Enough to make a grown man cry–which actually happened while singer and songwriter Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) was recording this song. “Lonely” is dedicated to his father who unfortunately passed away earlier this year before Kelly’s latest album “Tickets To My Downfall” topped the Billboard Charts at No. 1

The pain and passion is evident in every chord strung, drum beat and note sang to produce this track. I’m not trying to put you in your feelings, but listen to this track to hear a song that you know TRULY means something to the artist behind the music. In MGK’s interview with Allison Hagendorf (@allihagendorf), host of the show “Rock This” available to stream exclusively on Spotify, he mentions how picking up the guitar in the attempt to revive the modern rock genre, was one of the few things that connected him to his father. If you didn’t shed a tear in the first 165 seconds of the song, then you definitely will in the last 25.

If you love someone, tell them.

Every. Chance. You. Get.

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“Double the U, Double the Flavor”

My first artist appreciation post is dedicated to the Doncaster-native YUNGBLUD for starting to bridge the gap between new and old rock music. Heads up, not all of his stuff sounds the same (as there’s an obvious fusion of genres) but there’s good reason for that. Say what you will about his style (not like he cares) but this guy’s vocals are unmatched. I totally get it—different music is for different people. However, if you’re ready to venture off to try something new then check out the song “Strawberry Lipstick” on his newest album “weird!” The rest of the album will be released next month. *don’t let the initial scream scare you, it’s the best part*

“11 minutes” “Tongue Tied” “body bag” and “I Think I’m Okay” are can’t-miss collabs with Halsey, Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear. For a different vibe he’s done covers on songs from Travis Scott, Camila Cabello, Drake, Amy Winehouse, The Weeknd and more. His. Range. Is. Everything. 10/10 would recommend. 

These mesmerizing photos are taken by the insanely talented Jodie Mitchell (@jodiedcmitchell) for One on One UK (@oneononeuk).

Disinfecting America With W.E.E.D

A global health pandemic, a push for national reformation of the policing system, and the disastrous humanitarian crisis of war-torn countries. Did someone say 2020?

Photo by Yaroslav Danylchenko on Pexels.com

It’s a lot to mentally digest and you might actually hurt yourself by trying to wrap your head around it all, so here’s a piece of advice–don’t. Pat yourself on the back for being concerned in the first place and having enough empathy to want to do something about it. Here’s a basic outline of what you can do to combat those concerns and (believe it or not) it starts by doing W.E.E.D.

Wear a mask. Educate yourself. End social injustices. Donate.

1.) Wear a mask

Seriously, say it don’t spray it. The “Rona- coaster” is a ride we have no choice but to get on and are going to be occupying for the foreseeable future as states commence phases of re-opening with the possibility of closing again in sight. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but just because it’s sunny outside doesn’t mean the virus magically disappeared. Wear your mask, sanitize often (although soap and water is best) and keep your distance like you’re at a middle school dance with teacher-chaperones.

Pandemic Pro Tip: Use some type of natural or diluted disinfectant to wipe down groceries and anything you pick up from the store before putting it away. You don’t know whose hands were on those box of Cheez-Its, and you don’t need those germs to be part of your late-night snack.

2.) Educate Yourself.

Listen and learn. Ignorance is half of the problem when we don’t try to understand the world around us. Check out Netflix’s newly released BLM collection if that gives you a place to start. Now is the time to put our pride away and find out where we’ve been lacking in support and get in on the action.

3.) End Social Injustices

Systematic racism is real. Support the BLM movement. Sign petitions. Contribute to the Equal Justice Initiative and Campaign Zero. People won’t stop tweeting and posting so it’s ultimately up to you to control where your surge of information is coming. It’s not about doing everything, but doing something is always better than doing nothing.

4.) Donate

The Yemen Crisis is currently the world’s most devastating humanitarian crisis. Millions are in need of better health and safety and change doesn’t happen when you turn a blind eye. Rescue.org, Concern US Worldwide and UNICEF are just a few of the organizations that highlight countries suffering through severely low living situations and offer ways on how you can help.

Of course, it’s all easier said than done. I really wish I had all the answers, and for a second we were hoping Dr. Fauci had them too. As humans, we’ve survived for generations by learning how to adapt to our current situations and I don’t think we have much of a choice than to act now. So in other words–it’s showtime.