“Double the U, Double the Flavor”

My first artist appreciation post is dedicated to the Doncaster-native YUNGBLUD for starting to bridge the gap between new and old rock music. Heads up, not all of his stuff sounds the same (as there’s an obvious fusion of genres) but there’s good reason for that. Say what you will about his style (not like he cares) but this guy’s vocals are unmatched. I totally get it—different music is for different people. However, if you’re ready to venture off to try something new then check out the song “Strawberry Lipstick” on his newest album “weird!” The rest of the album will be released next month. *don’t let the initial scream scare you, it’s the best part*

“11 minutes” “Tongue Tied” “body bag” and “I Think I’m Okay” are can’t-miss collabs with Halsey, Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear. For a different vibe he’s done covers on songs from Travis Scott, Camila Cabello, Drake, Amy Winehouse, The Weeknd and more. His. Range. Is. Everything. 10/10 would recommend. 

These mesmerizing photos are taken by the insanely talented Jodie Mitchell (@jodiedcmitchell) for One on One UK (@oneononeuk).

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