What Is Casual Instagram?

I saw this concept of “Casual Instagram” floating around Tik Tok the other day and it’s fascinating to say the least. There’s a lot riding on what makes a good post these days from text content, images, video, audience demographic and the list is endless.

Casual Instagram is just a new vibe, and dare I say–aesthetic all together.

Post an IG carousel of the almond butter jar in your pantry, the rain on your car window, you brushing your teeth and your bedside lamp and you’ve been initiated into the world of ~casual instagram~

Sounds easy enough, but I’m sure you can find plenty of arguments about the number of right and wrong ways there are to post like that. Here’s the thing–you’re already completely free to post literally whatever you like to on the web, but this new aesthetic just gives some sort of unwritten permission for you to post content that’s either more carefully curated or chill and relatable.

You can’t get (that much) heat for doing something that’s at least somewhat trendy…

People like having options and this type of content gives you that. Yes, it’s very different from the ring lights and planned outfits, but if you were looking for an excuse to switch up your feed, here it is.

Published by Nas

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